“The Musicircle allows  the  user  to locate  numerous types of  scales and  chords  with  absolute accuracy. It is an ingenious and versatile tool.” Dr. H. Krebs, Distinguished Professor and Former President of the Society for Music Theory

To learn how to use the Musicircle, and how to navigate this website, watch this video:

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JUST PUBLISHED: A Proposed Mesopotamian Origin for the Ancient Musical and Musico-Cosmological Systems of the West and China, written by Sara de Rose, inventor of the Musicircle, and published by Sino Platonic Papers , a journal founded by Victor H. Mair, of the University of Pennsylvania.

Professor Mair who, among other things, is renown for his archaeological work on the Tarim mummies, says the following about de Rose’s work:

“Sara de Rose has made a tremendous breakthrough in the study of ancient east-west cultural communications.  Professor Lothar von Falkenhausen, eminent archeologist and musicologist at UCLA, has this to say about Sara’s work:  “Using sources previously unavailable, the article brings the two traditions closer together than ever before, and it certainly goes some way toward tipping the balance for the argument to diffusion over independent invention.”  He goes on to explain:  “The principal portion of the article, showing the mathematical-musicological parallels between tone-generation methods in ancient Mesopotamia and early China are extremely interesting and well presented.  With respect to showing these parallels, and pointing out concrete structural similarities between China and Mesopotamia, it seems to me that the author is really making an important contribution.”

“Sara’s opus is one of the most important papers we have ever published in SPP.  Knowing something about Sara’s life story, all the more I consider her to be a genuinely clairvoyant genius.”

An abridged version of Sara’s paper, ideal for the general reader, is available here: “A Proposed Mesopotamian Origin for the Ancient Musico-Cosmological Systems of the West and China.”